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They do come in handy. However..don't expect them to make the road
glow ..their main use ,and why I put them together was..I noticed the
stock headlight was fine for seeing down the road at night..but did
not put any light on the ground right in front of the bike and about
up to 20 feet ahead. I found myself dodging road kill and
potholes..actualy not seeing them in time..or at the last second. So
I made the light bar to light up that first 20 feet or so. Even at
only 40 total watts..it does a good job of filling in that black hole
from the headlight. When riding in the country at night..I turn the
right spot off to the side of the road some...hopefully to catch
sight of critters heading towards the road.

They realy do not add much light far ahead..the bikes HI beam does
a good job of that. You'd have to ask some of the folks that were at
KY lake if the lights make me more visable from the front..as I have
not realy tested for that, but I imagine any extra lights on a bike
can't hurt in that regard.
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