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It's been a while since I trade my VN750 for a VN1500 meanstreak. Anyway, I have gathered together all my pieces and parts and thought I'd give the community that helped give me the confidence to work on my first bike, have first crack at my stash before I ebay it all. I've had many succesful trades here and would like to see that tradition continue. As always, first come first serve...to that end, here's what I have...

Note - PAYPAL ONLY. As item's have sold (e.g, I've recieved funds in my paypal account) I'll come back here and mark them as SOLD.

  • Stock VN750 Seat - excellent condition $70 +S&H&I
  • Rouges' alumnium highway brackets $60 +S&H&I
  • Chrome highway brackets $70 +S&H&I
  • Foot pegs w/extenders $60 +S&H&I
  • Bracket for easy R/R relocation (think this) $10 +S&H&I
  • Kickstand switch (in the plastic bag) - excellent condition $10 +S&H&I
  • Air box cover - good condition (very light scratches) $15 +S&H&I
  • Stock Vulcan Windshield - good condition (light scratches),I have most of the mounting hardware, however, full disclosure, I am missing a couple of pieces (I'll send you what I have). My loss is your gain...$60 +S&H&I

More pictures here. If you purchase more than one item, I'll do my best to box them to save on shipping. Post your questions, PM me if you want to buy.

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