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I know this topic has been previously raised, but....
Does anyone know if the headlight rim from a 1983 KZ1100 (and other models) part number 23006-038, fits a 2004 VN750 headlight bucket 23005-1058 please?
As far as I can tell It looks the same (from parts diagrams found on the web), but also has retaining rings to hold the lamp in place (which is the bit I need) instead of the glued on lamp bracket.
If this can be ascertained, it would prove to be an easy conversion for all.
I鈥檓 in the UK but found that the aforementioned sets are readily available stateside, does anyone know for certain before I pay more for the postage than the actual ring set.
Cheers 馃憤馃榿

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The few videos I have seen about this conversion all seemed to swap out the whole bucket not just the ring. But they were both using a bucket from a KZ
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