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I have several post where members had wish that they could obtain the LED brake light, well I found them!!! YES!! They are still available. Clear Alternative went out of business but the person that was running it bought it. There for we are now able to get the light.

Here is the part number:
Clear Alternatives Part Number : CTL-0046-L
Fits: Kawasaki: 86-05 Vulcan 750, Eliminator 125/600

The website is:

Sale Price $58.95 plus shipping

The company that replaced CLEAR ALTERNATIVE is now called "MOTO LUME" they are out of CA. They are even using the same exact packaging and all.
Their website is www.motolume.com and their price is $64.95

I apologize in advance if this information is on the forum, but I searched it last week I couldn't find it. I did see a post from back in 2010.

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If you don't need a clear lens ,you can do what I did. I replaced the stock bulbs with two 1157 Red LED Jam Strait bulbs from Auto Zone. Very bright and draw very little power. $16.95 for a pair of bulbs.

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Nice find hacez. :smiley_th
I thought I had the Motolume site in my favorites, but it didn't show up when I saved it again just now.

The 58cycle site is new to me.

I have a pair of no-name 1157 LEDs for tail/brake lights now.
I bought four of them for 3 bucks each from the surplus section at Princess Auto 2-3 years ago.
(Pr. Auto is a Canadian discount chain something like Harbor Freight in the US.)

Each bulb has 6 rear facing LEDs and 6 outward/side facing ones.
They are brighter than incandesent 1157s, but I am still looking for more tail/brake/signal light back there.
Not sure yet what I will go with.

Been looking at Custom Dynamics Quad LED licence plate frame and LED tag bolts.

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I have replaced all turn, run, brake lights with custom dynamics. More expensive than some others, but worth it to me. The cluster are very bright and can be seen well from different angles. The front run/turns are on 100% in run mode and flash from 0% to 100% in turn mode; unlike standard bulb that have one filament on for run and a second filament that flashes for turns.
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