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I'm getting ready to retire and was planning to buy a new bike when I do.

Been doing a lot of thinking about what to get, how much I can afford (because I'll be paying cash) and lots of other issues.

Noted that:

1. The economy is in the toilet
2. It's hard to predict when things will be getting better.
3. The VN is paid for.
4. The VN has been a great bike...I did have the stator thing, but that was fixed and the bike's been running great.
5. I can use some money to do some upgrades on the bike.

and I concluded that I'm keeping the VN750 and not buying a new bike when I retire...at least, not for awhile...the VN750 is an honest little motorcycle that will do pretty much whatever I ask of it and it's never let me down (except for that darn stator!).

So there you go.
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