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Well just wanted to share my newest bike...

1994 VN750 with 21 k on the clock.....

Bike is in really good shape overall...storing in garage made all the difference ;)

I just finished her up.....simple stuff, wanted to keep the mods down as I bought this bike for a friend in need and didnt want to drive the price up to much......

Installed New Dunlop f11 front tire , rear was brand new from last owner.

Installed new fork seals and serviced fluid.

New Daytona bend Chrome handlbars

Short stem Chrome Yamaha V-Star classic style mirrors but with the smaller heads

Telmo mod on the exhaust..... drilling a series of 3/8 holes around the baffle and punching out the diffuser screen in mufflers..... sounds alot better...but ordering the degoat from scootworks for him as money allows...

Slid fork tubes 1" INCH above upper triple clamp to lower front end 1" inch...that made all the differnce in handling...not as twitchy feeling....

Lowered head light and brackets 2" inches to get rid of the praying mantis look.....

Relocated a single horn after stripping all the chrome ring off it and made a bracket to mount it under the Tach cluster

Cut ears off old horn bracket ears and reinstalled so could remount the emblem to cover up the proportioning vlave for front brakes....

Modded the seat pan, little trimming...took my heat gun and just flattened out the backrest portion to make the seat flat, added a cross bracket out of flat stock so could bolt down to existing rear holes for fender struts and added a piece of flat to the tail for support, then added a rubber bumber so rear or seat rests on chrome part of tail light......

Looks okay for what it is......

Stripped off the sidecover and tank emblems also

All in all came out very good with simple mods... bike runs excellent,stops good and starts very easy .......and looks a litttle more updated.....;)

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Didn't see it in your pictures, could you show us?
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