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Hello everyone,

I just purchased by first non-junker bike. I say that now, but I haven't looked into it too much yet.

First off, I'd like to preface this post with the fact that I know enough about how bikes run to perform maintenance, but do not know the high level specifics. I've been driving bikes since I was a kid and this is my second road bike, so I'm a decent driver (I think).

Anyway, enough of the introduction.

I bought this bike off craigslist for a cool $650.00, which would usually (and does) put me on edge for a scam. When we met the guy he seemed really earnest and he was only selling it because of a hereditary disease that forced him off two wheels.

He was midway through changing it into a bobber when we got it, which is probably the reason we got it so cheap. We've already put most of it back together, and all the electrical works and it starts nice.

The problem is that we need to buy a seat and an airbox, because it has no seat and the previous owner was doing separate air filters, which my father wasn't too keen on.

Anyway, my question is:

What would you experienced owners look for? How much will an airbox run me? I already ordered a seat from a salvage yard for about $100.00.

What do you guys think of these bikes? My old bike was a beat up '79 yahamaha XS750F, and it was a nightmare in maintenance.

Feel free to throw the technical lingo at me, my father will understand what I don't.

Thanks for your time!

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