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From the vn750 forum files->Engine, Air Intake and Exhaust->Crush Gaskets file.


If you add aftermarket pipes you need to replace your header
( crush ) gaskets

The Harley crush gasket that fits our bike is

HD #17048-98

for the gaskets from Judge here is the info

JUDGE (Robert Oglesby, VROC # 2594). $6.00 for a pair,
and they worked great. Many on the VROC board claim that
his are the best. The JUDGE ones are good also.
Send him an email at JUDGE <[email protected]>
and he will send you his address.
1870 Mayne Mill Rd
Watkinsville, Ga. 30677

Then send him $6 with a
SASE ($.50 postage) and he will sent the gaskets.

WooHoo said:
I used to have Judge's phone #, email address and snail mail address. Does anyone have that info or two gaskets to sell? Would greatly appreciate any help.


Woo Hoo
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