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I got the Corona Racing Superstock jacket and Evey got the Monza II. After several weeks living with both of them the conclusion is..the Fieldsheer jacket is just better. Better venting for warm weather and better features. Yes one is a mens jacket and the Monza is a womans, but that should have nothing to do with how well they are made. The Fieldsheer jacket is also waterproof and costs almost half of what the Joe Rocket did. Granted, I paid more for the Corona logo, which is leather sewn on the nylon? jacket.
After trying on a few other companies jackets, I am very impressed with the Fieldsheer line. Both jackets have CE armor and venting, but the added waterproof design of the Monza II makes it a clear winner here. Both have removable liners..but the Fieldsheer is a full liner (sleeves included) and the JR is just a vest.
If you like the style, and live where it does not get that cold (or wet)..the Joe Rocket Corona Racing will fill the bill. But if you want a jacket that can be used year round and will keep you dry..look at comparable jackets from Fieldsheer.



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