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I thought it was a fuel problem.
My bike would stumble occasionally then go on. Sometimes it would just fade out and die. I'd fiddle around a bit by the side of the road and it would start and run just fine.
Finally, yesterday, it really quit. I have installed a voltmeter, so I watched that. Sure enough, it showed a lot of funny stuff going on. So I knew it was electrical. I could start it with somebody's jumper cables hooked up, but just barely could keep it running. Had to trailer it home.

I went over every wire. Tested every component. Rebuilt a few connectors. But could find absolutely no reason why that bike was dieing.

I finally tore into the ignition switch. Opened up the little plastic switch device itself. There was the problem!

Copper from the electrodes had mixed with the grease so densely that it was shorting from one contact point to another.

There might still be something else wrong with the bike causing it to die. But at least I know this part of the problem. I'll fix it by putting in my own switches. The key can still lock the steering up, but the rest of it will be in other switches someplace--dependable switches!

Maybe this discovery can be beneficial to somebody else.
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