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Hi Guys
Bought my bike last summer, I am a 4 season rider.
Love the bike, however.
Front head coolant leak, replaced gaskets etc.$$$$$
Bike died, new AGM battery.
Battery would not stay charged.
Recieved Clymer book, used seafoam, seafoam rocks!!!!!
Tested, R&R.
Changed bad R&R, checked stator, stator is good and working.
Tested Igniter, Igniter is bad and expensive to replace.:hitanykey
my question is
who has the best price on Igniters??
Thanks for any help:beerchug:

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Well, if you're up to taking a chance, there's often some on eBay.
There's two there now (one from an '85 & one from an '86) Not sure if I'd want to risk it on ones that old though unless they would guarantee them to be in working condition.

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I've got one that's fairly new and in great shape. PM me if you're interested and we can figure out price, where to ship to, etc.

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