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Minor Problem #1
My 96 vn750 was just repaired and the idle "experience" is different. It's annoying because when the engine is warm and the idle is set, with the knob, to about 1100 rpm, AND the clutch is let out, it wants to kill just like it would if the idle was only 900 and the clutch is let out.
I didn't notice until I tried to store it.
Easing it up a 2 inch incline into my garage with my feet on the ground used to be easy at 1400 rpm. Now I have to rev the engine much higher to keep it from killing.
Second Minor irritation
AND, the initial rpms after the engine is running and the choke is closed is supposed to go back down around 1200 rpms when the idle knob is set right and the throttle is goosed momentarily isn't it?
My 93 and an 03 were like this.
(((((NOW, however, when the engine is warm and I pull up to a stop the idle is too high. I goose the throttle as I sit at the stop sign and it takes at least 10 seconds for the idle to settle at 1100 to 1200 rpms. ))))):confused:
First thing I thought was the throtle cables were sticking. Oiled them and no change.
Any ideas of what this may indicate? It has High octane fuel in it. Ive read the low octane stuff burns better with less residue. I like the absense of popping noises.

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i always have to give a lil throttle when clutch is let out.
was bout to say fuel... the popping noise is from an air leak in the exhaust system typically. i run mine on 89 oct no problems. Now also another problem may be the slide is sticking a lil... maybe from gunk getting into the carbs. you can try running so seafoam, it may keep you from getting into the carbs and doing some major cleaning....
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