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Hi all

Went to look at a 1991 VN750 on Saturday, been off the road for about 3 years and it a bit dirty and dusty. Didn't start it but everything else looked ok so ended up buying it.

Going to be picked up by my bike mechanic (I already ride a 1991 VFR750) and he will get her going again, change all the fluids, filters, fork seals, new tyres and battery, grease the splines and we should be ready to go.

It has a set of Cobra pipes on it, anybody tell me if they are louder than the stock pipes ?

My wife is a bit on the short side and has a bit of difficulty getting on the VFR, so the VN is a lot easier. Now got to go and get crash helmet and gloves for her.

Its going to be a bit different riding the VN compared to the VFR, especially in the acceleration and top end. On a track day at Sepang F1 circuit the VFR went 220kph on the main straight was quiet interesting, proved that the brakes worked well.

I'll put some pictures up when she is running again.


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Well good luck with the new to you ride. The Cobras wiil most likely be a bit louder. Do you know if it has the goats belly (big chamber that is under the bike, connected to both exhausts) If it is there, it's still be a little louder than stock, If it's NOT there, it will be alot louder.

As for the speed and acceleration of the Vulcan, it is one of the fastest and quickest in it's class. Not that it's a rocket, but it can hold it's own pretty good. Fastest I've had mine was just about 110mph on the speedo (177kph) But that was on open road, not a track, where I'd probably try to get it going as fast as possible!
Here's some numbers posted awhile ago between the different Kawi's....

Always good to know we have the fastest of the Kaw Cruisers (well except for the Meanstreak)...
This info is dated, missing the 1600, but still is interesting.
Quarter mile elapsed time/ending speed

1500 Mean Streak 13.76/95.6
VN750 13.98/93.1 :motorcycl
800A 14.00/93.6
800 Classic 14.34/89.9
1500 Drifter 14.56/88.9
1500 Nomad FI 15.49/88.1
800 Drifter 14.56/88.9
1500 Classic FI 14.98/88.7
1500 Classic (carb) 15.03/85.3
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