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I love my bike,:motorcycl and from being on this site I believe I'll be able to change alot of things on it. Yet I have a few questions....
1)can you change out the coils? change wires?
2)Can you change out the tail lights to to single wire set ups?
3)do you have to rejet the carbs after you change pipes?
4)who's Rick??
5)Is it possible to fix engine burbs without buying a new engine?

So if anyone has any help please send it. I'm looking forward to hearing back from you all.

Ps Something to remember for the highway. "when rolling to a stop next to a pack of 1%er's, Don't flip them off if your rides acting up." unless of course your a crusty old marine with an additude:carryflag .

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Couple of answers for you..

Yes you can change out the coils and wires, though I know of one member that has had problems with the high performance Accel coils (one arrived DOA, the other coil shorted a few months later and took the CDI with it)

As far as spark plug wires, we usually build our own with wires and boots anyway
There is a write-up available if needed

You do not have to rejet when changing pipes. You only have to rejet when changing the air intake such as when you do an ear shave.

Rick is Rick at Rick's ( http://www.ricksmotorsportelectrics.com/ )
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