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Newbie here. Partially took the motorcycle safety program but I was not able to finish it due to scheduling of the 2nd on-site riding. I used the training provider's BMW G310R. I don't like that motorcycle because I need to squeeze the throttle grip all the way before it starts to rev. I just got used to that feeling of squeezing the throttle grip lightly (like scooters do).

I was going to use a nickname of "King of Stalls" as I stalled the G310R over 20 times for that 1st session, around 5 hours, of on-site riding. 😅

But I went with "Hyperspace Explorer" in the end. 🤣

Location: Alhambra, CA, USA
Riding experience: Beginner
Any experience doing your own repairs: Beginner (on cars and multi-function photocopiers/printers/scanners)
Hobbies: Collecting some HelloKitty merchandise as well as other items.
What brought you here: Eyeing that 1992 Kawasaki Vulcan 750

By chance, I found the 1992 Kawasaki Vulcan 750 listed for sale. Initially, the listing had no photos of it so I don't have a heck of any idea of how it looks and what is a Vulcan 750.

I was not looking for cruisers at the time I found the listing. But damn! Now that I see the picture sent by the seller. It is such a beautiful motorcycle though 2 of the 4 turn signals needs to be replaced as those are dangling down.

There is a petcock seal leak so I made this account on this forum to hopefully understand the Vulcan 750.

The other motorcycle I am eyeing is the Triumph Tiger 1050.
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