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Changed my coolant and added Hyperlube's 20 Degrees Cooler to the mix. To work out the bubbles, I let the engine run at high idle (1500 rpm) for 10 minutes w/o the radiator cap on and the fluid was hot. Shut off the engine and let cool for 20 minutes (+ or-,) capped the radiator, and started up to pressurize the system.

No leaks but the fan wasn't coming on. Checked the gauge, and it was registering normal range. The air temp was 85+ so it's a warm day folks. Kicked up the idle to 1800 + rpm took another 5-8 minutes for the fan to kick in and it didn't stay on as long as it used to.

So if you are having cooling problems, change your fluid and add some of this stuff, so far, It's a good thing.

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