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Ok it’s finally time for me to check-in. I picked my bike up Memorial Day weekend. It is a blue 1996 I bought from my brother. This bike is in great shape; however it has not been actively ridden in a few years. It has always been garage kept and was started and ridden around the block from time-to-time. It will take some maintenance before I can get her back on the road. When we started it to load it up it would not idle…after some troubleshooting we found the idle/throttle stop cable broken. That part is now on order and I hope to replace it this weekend. I asked him about the splines and he had no idea what I was talking about, that will also get attention this weekend. The air filters will need attention as for whatever reason my brother replaced the OEM ones with some type of auto air filters.

So far this forum has been a wealth of information. I’ll try to post some pictures soon. Is it just me or are the blue 1996 models rare? I have seen little to no pictures of blue ones…

On a side note, my first bike was a brand new 1977 KE 100. Let the good times roll!!! :smiley_th
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