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I just finished R&R'g the choke cable. I was looking for pics of this. No one has em. Here's how and where to look to remove and eventually replace the choke cable:

On the left handle grip underneath you'll see a chrome adjuster. Loosen the 6mm lock nut and screw the adjuster in as far as it will go to give you slack at the carbs.

With the tank off, look at the left side carb. At the left towards the top of that carb, you'll see the enricher plunger for that carb. Slightly above and behind, you'll see a triangular piece that holds the bottom end of the choke cable. Pull on the metal part of the cable and slide the cable down. There's a slot for the cable to drop out or in for removal/installation.

While looking at the left side carb, now look to the right of the petcock and over at the backside of the right carb. You'll see where the choke cable attaches to the other side.

Now re-position yourself on the rt side of the bike. Looking at the right side carb, now look at the rear of it and you'll again see the enricher plunger and the cable connection. It has a slot system for removal/replacement also.
Now all this being said, I'm sure you'll now agree WHY no one has any pics. It's pretty near impossible (imho) to get a clear picture to post.
Hope this helps?
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