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How to install Air elbow in surge tank & Corbin seat to sell

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I will be reinstalling my carburetors soon I need some pointers on the sequence of installing. I know I have to go in from the bikes right side. I know I have to have one of the rubber inlet hoses on the front cylinder. I know I have to line up the nipple with the mark on the cylinder. I know I have to install the inlet on the carburetor for the rear. I know I have to hook up the choke cable I know I have to hook up both throttle push and pull what I’m confused about is the sequence to reinstall the rubber air sleeves that go to the surge tank while the carburetor are out I have tried to see if I can install one on the left side and I don’t want to rip it and I don’t wanna manhandle it. I believe I read you’re supposed to put it in the search tank before you put the carburetor in I’ve watched all the videos, but there’s not much on how to get that elbow back in. I know about squeezing it and about lubricating it. I just want to get some tips on how to accomplish it.

I have been looking through my treasure trove parts, and I’ve come across a Corbin seat genuine to fit a Vulcan 750 it’s got the certification stamp. It has the serial number or the model number engraved in the back plastic all the rivets are intact. There are no rips no tears the material is ostrich pattern, leather sides, the seat portion, and the back are alligator pattern. There’s no provision for a back rest. Other than the stock back portion it’s really a nice seat notorious it has memory foam marked on the back. I’ve never had it on my bike. I bought it when eBay with the intention of using it and then I found a Corbin with backrest and I use that instead, I will be posting some pictures of it. Anyone interested please contact me. I have to look up and see what I paid. Then I’ll figure out what I need to get for it when I got it. I used leathertique to clean it and oil it and then I use the cleaner and I’ve been putting Australian yellow saddle soap on it. It’s really a nice seat. In excellent condition the seats were new sold in the five to $700 range. I will be nowhere near
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Just another variation on great advice; I installed the carbs first with the throttle cables already attached. I then connected the 'choke' cable (pita) just before setting the carbs in to the mounts. Next I silicon oiled the lips of the boots, and folded the lip of each one, to get them set in the surge tank. After that, I 'set' the lip farther in to the tank by using a blunt flat pusher on the side of the lip while pushing up with my hand. I worked my way around through the limited access, but the method worked well for me. The tool I used was a screwdriver like tool with an exaggerated smooth blunt flat blade.
Good luck, patience is the best tool.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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