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Those of you in and around the Houston area, and anyone who may be visiting down here, we're having a Bike Night/Meet, Eat, and Greet:

Tuesday, 15 July, 7:00 p.m. Late enuff to beat the traffic from most places, and early enuff to see the bikes and take pics.

Richard's Cajun Restaurant
4975 IH-10E
Baytown, TX 77521

Headed east on I-10, exit Garth Rd. (exit 792), make the U-turn, and
Richard's is on the westbound access road just past Starbuck's.

Post up and let me know you're coming, and with or without company,
so I can get a decent headcount by Monday night, the 14th. Tuesdays
are slow for them, but if we get enuff she'll bring in an extra
server or two; might even put her husband to work. <g>

It's been a way too long time since GCVROC's done anything, folks; let's see if we can't get sumpin' started!

[email protected]

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