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Hooray & Hallelujah

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It finally came in. I pick it up late yesterday afternoon and even
though it was quite chilly 38 degrees I rode my new 05 Vulcan 750
home.I thank all of you who gave me advise,info, tips, do's and
dont's to help me decide on which bike to buy. Example; the dealer
swapped the stock battery for a maintenance free battery at no
charge. I don't know if I'm going to degoat this bike. I think that
the stock exhaust sounds pretty good, just loud enough for me, time
will tell. As soon as I get a day that's warm I will do the RR
relocation, the RF capacitor installation, the fusing of the stator,
head and tail light modulators and a little bit down the road, a
light bar from Metric Custom Creations. I know that I'm going to
enjoy riding my VN750. Thanks for listening folks.
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I think you will injoy the ride i do ,I can't be with out mine it is down for the winter geting mods. INJOY!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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