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I have the wingerline engine guard and I want to install a pair of
highway pegs. I found out the hard way that these aren't standard 1
1/4" like most bikes (and like the ones on my new pegs). These are
about 1", more or less (though it seems like a bit less).

I purchased a set of 1" universal clamps to go with my new highway pegs
and found that the 1" is also too large. Though they may just be too
cheap. I noticed that I actually bent one while trying to shim it to
keep it from twisting.

Enough of trying to re-invent the wheel! Has anyone already installed
highway pegs on wingerline guards?


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Wingerline engine guard

Is it possible that the engine guard is made overseas and made from metric tubing? 25mm tubing is .984" dia. Just a thought.
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