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When I purchased my 2008 VN900 two months ago I was told it had a HID lighting system. After doing some research I wasn't concerned as the wavelength was 6000k which means it's white light. I also read the cops didn't bother you at that wavelength. The other day the HID/lowbeam light burned out so I had to find a replacement. I went to PEP boys and after the rep checked he said he had a similar bulbs with wiring but he couldn't be sure if it was the same. He suggested I call the previous owner which I didn't want to do since he screwed me on the heated handle grips which were suppose to come with the bike.

I hate it when there are things kept behind the counter to look at and I'm not given a chance to look at them. I like to think I can get to the bottom of things if I can see parts and etc. I'll admit I could have asked to see the parts but the fact he stated the cost was 99 dollars had me think about finding it on the internet.

After checking on line, I found the part through Ebay....It was made then shipped on a slow boat from China. The cost of the part plus the ballast and etc was only 16 dollars. They didn't sell the bulb with its harness separately. I ordered two bulbs with all the extras. I got bamboozled on the shipping but what choice did I have....I wanted to buy a better kit with plug in bulbs but I didn't want to go though the hassle of changing the kit out at this point since I don't have a garage and don't have the money. I rent an apartment in a complex.

I'm suppose to receive the part at some point after Thursday but who knows. I could ride around with the halogen high beam on but I don't want to piss anyone off. At this point I'm wondering if anyone bought a kit that allows you to simply switch out the bulb when it goes bad? I'm looking at 6000k and 35watts.
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