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hi all, my name is Mike. Long time follower, first time poster. You guys have been fantastic in every way. The only reason I’ve never made a profile until now is that I’ve gotten all the information and guidance I could possibly want from historical posts.

I have been riding for about 9 years now, bought myself a little 250 ninja for my first bike and learned on it. Over the years I’ve owned many others, HD sportsters, GXRs, even a little triumph I regret letting go. But that little Kawasaki will always be my baby. I’ve dropped it, rebuilt it, customized, then put it back, then changed it again. I’ve rewired it front to back, played with about everything there is mess with...

I’ve always wanted a Vulcan, both a VN750 as well as one of the 900s one day. (See my post about the 86 I have now if you’re so inclined, I could use some guidance on what I should do with it)
Any way just wanted to introduce myself, per instructions. Whether the VN750 I have now is the one I keep forever, or I sell it to someone who’s been looking for JUST this very thing, I know I’ll be riding a Vulcan for years to come.
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