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“Yea but she’s not my passenger she’s in her own bike”

Um, there are systems that are bike to bike, will automatically turn music or GPS instructions down to converse. (Or the opposite)
She can listen to her music, you can listen to yours, and still talk to one another over a mile of separation. (Google Sena or Cardo)
Some allow you to use your own earbuds instead of their speakers. Some have built in FM radios.
I had a Cardo system. Intercom, and Bluetoothed to my phone. Microphone had noise canceling….called my wife and she wouldn’t believe I was on my bike going down the highway at 75mph.
My only problem with bar mounted speakers (other than risk being an azzhole) Is they sound worse the faster you go. And unless you have a big fairing or windscreen, the sound isn’t good once you get moving anyway. (Compared to noise canceling headphones/earbuds)
And yes, riders just turn the volume up more to compensate, which can piss off others.
I use Cardo and love it. I switched from Sena because the group I ride with all use Cardo (not very good cross-brand support). The Cardo has better sound quality but don't go as loud as the Sena. Both have a standard headphone jack. For short trips, I just use the Cardo speakers. But for all day riding, I use Plugfones: Earplug Headphones | Safe and Sound. Super clear at any speed. I also agree with the microphone. No one can tell I'm riding, and I have my mufflers off.
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