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Does anyone know what silverstar bulb number that our bikes use?
A: 9003 Headlight

Q: Does anyone have any suggestions for improving visibility at night? Can we use a higher wattage lamp? Thanks in advance.
A: PIAA makes a light for motorcycles called the XTRA halogen. (piaa.com)...It is supposed to put out more light with less draw.. I think they make a 60/80 watt lamp that you can use...Am sure someone in the group knows how high wattage wise you can go...I am installing driving lights..so am keeping the stock lamp for now as there is a limit our bikes have. Knifemaker

..I called PIAA...they do not have a application chart ready yet.. ( they just came out with the bulbs) but if you call them ( 1 503 643 7422 ) and give them the bulb # of your stock bulb for refrence.. they can give you a part # and direct you to a retail dealer.These bulbs use 55 watts and put out 110 watts of light. Knifemaker

Here you go Scott. I bought a Xtreme White Plus. Plenty of light with that bad boy. http://www.piaa.com/Bulbs/Bulbs-H4.html

Our electrical system can only handle so many watts with the head light running.. 2- 50w bulbs = 100w and unfortunetly..that is too nuch for our system. It can handle 70w if there are no other loads on the bike. I have the 20w ( for 40w total ) and it woeks fine. If you need more light..I'd replace the headlight bulb with a hight tech light like the PIA Xtreme White..which uses the same power but give off more light. KM
Bob - my drivings lights are 4.5 inch Emgo Shallow Cruisers. #DS-280045. I used a light bar from bikercom.com and fabricated the brackets for the lights. The lights are 30 watts each for a total of 60w and use approx 5 amps of current when on. I have them wired thur the ignition but independent of the headlight with a dedicated switch. They provide plenty of light. You can see them in my pix folder below. Phil 'Stargazer'
The 50w bulbs that come with the Optronics lights are very bright..but as I said..too much power there. However..if you look at my lights with the 20w in them.. they are fairly bright also.

These are Halogen lights..not standard incandecent bulbs. I wouldn't buy driving lights that used standard bulbs anyway..they just don't put out enough light. The only thing with using LED type lights is.... I am not aware of any that are bulit with reflectors or focused housings. The Optronics units use directional spots..exactly what you'd want to have a "beam" to adjust to the proper place.

LED's would provide some light but likely would not focus the light for you to actualy use it. I do not want to blind oncoming traffic..but did see a need to cast more light on the road directly in front of me. This coupled with replacement headlight like the PIA Xtreme lights.. use the stock power 50/65w.. but put out 100/110 watts of light. so with the driving lights you'd have 150w total of light (headlamp on bright..140w on low) and they could be pointed to where you need them. KM

Q: Brighter Headlamp I've read in a few different threads about replacing the stock 55/60 watt headlamp with a brighter 80/100 bulb. (Wagner Part BP1210/H4) I just replaced it today and found that it seems to get hotter (of course!) than the stock bulb. My bike is a Vulcan 750 '05. Has anyone heard of any negative issues with this type of upgrade?
A: I put in the 80/100 and loved it. You will tax your electrical system a little more but you can see EVERYTHING at night... It is IMHO a good upgrade (and an easy one). BD...

Q: If I want to put out more light on my headlight. What size/type bulb could or should I get for my vn750.
A: 50/100W like I have... Lights up the night...
http://www.autoaccessconnect.com/pixtwhplh4.html From the site: H4 headlight bulb. 60/55W =135/125W output / Xtreme White Plus - Twin (2) Pack. Part# 15224 $55.86

The headlight should only come on when the bike is running. If it comes on before that: Disconnect the light array, from its hot point, and connect it to the red wire under the seat, that goes to the tail and license plate lights, so it comes on and off with the key.

Q: While on a ride this afternoon my headlamp quit working. All other lighting works ok. Fuse is ok, but tried a new one to make sure. Wiring in headlamp bucket is ok. Bulb is ok, but tried another one to make sure. Don't know where else to go at this point. It's still in warranty but dealer can't look at it until the 23Rd. Please help with a few pointers and diagnostic info. I'm retired so I can spend time to check it out. I really don't want to ride without a headlamp. Thanks folks.
A: Uh oh... Don't want to make you nervous, but check all your battery connections, bullet connections on the stator wires (yellow towards the front of the battery box from the left side cover) and grounds... > > If they are all okay, check your output voltage from the stator. The headlight only turns on when a relay is tripped and it is one of the first signs of a bad stator...

A: You got that right. When I was riding out to Colorado in 2000 I noticed I was losing power at speeds above 65mph. When our group pulled over someone noticed my headlight was out. Occasionally, throughout the day, the headlight would come on when I'd start the bike. My stator failed the next day. I'd monitor the battery voltage with the bike running and see how the voltage changes as you rev the engine and report back to us so we can learn from your experience. Thanks... JR Allas - Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. - Joliet, IL - USA

The rare gas lights..(halogen, Xeonon, etc) have a very high opperating tempature. If you touch the glass with bare hands, you can leave an oily fingerprint on them. The oil heats up, burns, and can crack the glass. Wear gloves, (rubber or cotton) when installing... KM
headlight trouble Reserve Lighting Unit page 332 Clymer Service Manual - picture 140 - no other info page 15-36 Kawasaki Service Manual

If either high or low beam burns out, the reserve lighting system switches over to the remaining filament automatically, and lights the white headlight failure indicator light to show that the headlight bulb must be replaced. If the high beam burns out, the low beam filament is automatically turned on, if the low beam burns out, the high beam is turned on but more dimly than normal. The US and Canadian models contain a relay in the headlight circuit. In these models, the headlight does not go on when the ignition switch is first turned on, but the headlight goes on once the starter button is pushed to start the engine, and stays on until the ignition switch is turned off. But the headlight goes out whenever the starter button is pushed to restart the engine after engine stalling. * If all wiring and componets other than the reserve lighting device check out good, the device is defective.
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