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Headlight modulator it flashes the headlight. Bulldog swears
by his but I wouldn't have one if ya give it to me <G>
I don't like them either. I don't think that they really
matter. I had a freind with one that ALMOST got hit head on by
a guy in a cage. ( he luckily got off the road in time ) The
guy still said he didn't see the bike....perhaps he got
hypnotized by it?.....lol Knifemaker
As far as I am concerned, anything that makes me more visible
(within reason)is a good idea. Mine works on high beam only
and will not function at night. (It has a sensor.) I would say
it causes the light to flicker about two times per second. The
frequency and amount of modulation (change in brightness) is
controlled by some rule or regulation somewhere (D.O.T.?) . .
. Chris
A guy I ride with has one on his Yam Roadstar and it's an
attention getter for sure. I thinking about installing this
one: http://www.comagination.com/mod.htm Bruce
I don't want to leave the impression I don't think they are
good safety devices...Tests show having one during the day
does make you more noticable..and that is a good thing. I just
have them at the bottom of my shopping list for my bike....
and most times have problems with cars near me...(not coming
towards me on the other side of the road)...I also find them
annoying on other vehicles on the highway..I keep thinking
I've got the attention of a police car when I look in my
rearview....lol As I said they didn't help my freind...but
then some drivers won't see you if your standing on your seat
naked spitting nickles.... Knifemaker

They are a simple plug in device with a sensor so they won't modulate at night and you turn them on with the high beam switch. I have the back-off tail light blinker as well. Kisan I think has them as well as Signal Dynamics.
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