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Hay all. I have set up a YouTube Chanel and I plan on posting videos of me on some of my local routes and adventures abroad on my bike. Also I plan to record and post videos of me working on the old girl too. Basic matince and futcher mods.

My Chanel wont be all rides and motorcycles but I plan on it havin a lot of both:)

Today I just recorded and put up a video of a good back road ride I take all the time. Here's the link http://youtu.be/y_I0zL3x-Q8

I know I'm shamelessly promoting my Chanel but I really won't to get it off the ground and do lots more videos. My recording ain't to fancy mind you but I'm doing my best with what I have:). Hope you get a chance to check out my videos and I plan on makin a lot more.
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