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Crap, I WAS in 5th gear.
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Let us know how you are doing, and tell your wife thanks for letting us know.

Forum member involved in wreck today


I wanted to let everyone know Rakerbill. a forum member on here was involved in a wreck earlier today on his way to the post office to send off parts he sold on here.
A truck blew a stop sign and T boned our SUV.
Unfortunately he didn't make it to get the packages sent out.
He is still in the hospital, and most likely spend the night.
This is his wife, and as soon as I can, I will get the packages sent out.
I'm hoping to get to the post office today, but if I don't, they will be mailed out tomorrow or possibly wednesday.
Bill apologizes for the delays on sending them out.
85 VN700 31XXX miles
AGM Battery
Shinko Tourmasters Stock Size
Irridium plugs, Accel 8MM Wires
Earshaved, K&N Pod filters
Relocated R/R
Recovered Seat
Things to do list:
Replace fork seals
Fix engine knock
Replace Rear Brakes

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yes, thank you! and yes, please keep us up dated!

thanks again,
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