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I'm going to put this here under the Safety section but it could have gone to General, too.

Our 750s are a bit sensitive to how you pack-out for a trip. Last year, when going down to the 2018 Hell's Canyon Rally in Oregon, I thought I had done an intelligent loading of the bike. True, it wasn't over-loaded but it turns out the distribution of the load could have been better. Long story short, I had too much weight rearward and my front end got really hairy at low speeds.

Once over 15 mph or so it felt normal but pulling in for a fill-up was exciting to say the least.

So this year I made some changes. A different windshield allows me to place the tent up front, thus moving that 5 lbs away from the luggage rack area. But the main thing I want to share with you troops is the gas tank throw-over bag I acquired. Its actually made for an ATV. You can find them in e-bay by doing a search for "ATV bags".
Its around $15.

As you can see there is a cutout for the gas cap that aligns with our center-line cap. You can easily get 5 lbs or more in each side bag. I secure it with my magnetized tank bag. Its not going anywhere. This placement lets you move a substantial amount of weight from the rear end to centered-between-the-wheels.

Its not really pretty and I don't use it for running around locally because it detracts from appearance too much. But for long distance highway running this thing most definitely will let you spread out the load for a more solid feel to the ride. I've seen some wild pics of load-outs folks have done in the past! This won't help with bulky stuff but small heavy stuff, yep. I can get 4 gas-filled old SeaFoam cans in each bag.


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