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Fun River Ride and a new experience

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I went for a 130 mile trip around the Illinois river yesterday with some friends. It was a beautiful day and a joyous ride! Coming out of the first curve of the twisty section, I dropped it into first as I started up the hill into the 2nd curve and I swear I felt the front end lift briefly! I love RT 17 between Jonesville and Ottawa. I didn't quite scrape a peg, but came awfully close! Unlike the Tail of the Dragon, here you have a LOT of slow car drivers just lollygagging their way through the corners.... At one point I stopped to let some cars ahead of us get some distance and it only took one curve to catch up. Like SOOOO slow.

Later on, our route accidentally took us to a short section of gravel. It too was uphill and my Shinko Tourmaster 230 struggled to maintain grip. But if I stopped, I'd probably not get started again. Man, the back end was squirming around like a kid that has to pee! In retrospect, that part was fun, but only because I didn't plan on riding on gravel!

If you take this route, the gravel was in the south west area of the ride.

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Sounds like an awesome route. That bride pic is cool, looks like a good variety of bikes!
Sweet. My brother has a 900 Legend. Fast bike, but I prefer our VN's.
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