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Looked around for a decent price on turn signals and it seems most of the OEM websites charge in the neighborhood of $50 per signal assembly. Found a cheaper price at DarkHorseMotorcycleParts.com for about $20 per assembly by Bike Master. Problem is they usually have the rear signals but are sold out of the front signals.

So I checked how the old signals came apart and concluded that a new rear signal assembly can be converted to a front signal by putting the old socket and wires into the new assembly. I recommend putting some lub on the socket as you seat it into the new assemble. Shoud be noted that the sockets in the Bike Master signals appear to be really cheap, so I would change them out with the existing sockets in the rear anyway. You'll need a razor knife up front to shave the rubber bayonet fitting.

The original signals deteriorated in spectacular fashion and in spite of the quick fixes a new assembly was really the only option.

This is probably old news but I thought I'd pass it along.


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