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The FSM recommends 10w20, but it’s pretty difficult to find. I’ve also noticed that the 10w is pretty light, so i went with 20w.

You should put 12 to 12.6 fl oz of oil in a completely drained shock. This is important because measurements once it’s in is pretty difficult. Just drain it completely and put that amount in, that’s per the FSM.

They are usually sold in 16 oz bottles so you’ll need 2. On ebay they are selling 2 for $18 shipped, so not expensive at all to do this. It will make a difference in how your bike rides.

The easiest way to do it is to get a clamp like you’d use to hold wood together that has a sliding adjustable piece on an arm. Once you unscrew the plastic button off the top of the shock just clamp the top of the threads and under the side of fork tree. It will push the threaded head down so you can release the C-ring. The ring will push down, but not up..... so push it down and get under it with a pick. The spring will push the threaded head out afterwards when you let the clamp pressure off. Don’t compress the shock or it’ll block it from draining. Remove the drain screw at the bottom and give it a good 15 mins to all get out. Then compress the shock a few times to purge any left (there will be some). Put the screw back in the drain, fill 12 oz of fluid, and compress the shocks a few times to purge air. Then just assemble the top in reverse order.


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