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Foward controls are actually replacements for the stock driver footpegs. They are chromed devices that move your feet approx. 6" foward. The ones that I have ordered are from Seeger Cycle and they cost about $ 479.00. On the brake side they also move the rear brake pedal foward. My only real complaint about the bike is lack of leg room for me. The reason I picked up the mustang is I read that the small increase in seat height would make taller riders feel more roomy, plus it is a little wider and alot more squishy. I am in Las Vegas ,and I am betting shipping to E.Tx would be about $10.00
Q: Can anybody tell me what to buy and where? Where are the best prices on these?
A: Try These:
  • CruiserCustomizing
  • Dennis Kirk - Parts and Accessories for ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Harley-Davidsons©,
  • E-Bay Parts for 750
  • Jardine Performance Online Catalog
  • JC Whitney Motorcycle
  • Kuryakan Accessories
  • Metric Cruisers Parts
  • SeegerCycle...Motorcycle Accessories
  • Bikercom ..Motorcycle Accessories for Cruisers

Jardine forward controls

Just picked up a set of these off e-bay for $300.,great price,brand new still in the wrappings.If you have long legs this is a good set up.Put 250m on yesterday and my legs felt great.Took about an hr to put on and and get adjusted to wear I wanted them.One flaw with them though,like everything,after an hr of test riding before my long run the shifter was binding up,wouldnt reset to shift,had to do it by foot,sort of urked me.so I pulled them off and took them apart,the pivot point for the shifter is a steel bushing thru a brass bushing and a threaded bolt,well I greased them up,put them back on and they work great now,not one bit of trouble on the 250m.I think during the cold months,Im going to machine the shifter for a small roller bearing and use a collered bolt.I think this would beef up and make a better pivot point.Not sure how long the grease will stay between washings guess Ill find out,carry a small can of wd40 just in case. Steel Dragon Live to ride,Ride to be free.

I'm 6'2", have a set on my bike as well and have to say that I absolutely love them! I paid a bit more than $300.00 however. Sounds like you got a great deal........ Stevie D.
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