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The time has come for me to move on to another bike. T’Pol will have to make room for the VTX 1800 I’m looking for. I wanted to offer her up to the VN750 group first. I have enjoyed being part of this community for a couple of years now. Those of you whom I’ve met in person have each left a personal influence on my life that I will not forget. I will remain as a member of the group for a while, though I’ll likely continue in my non-posting presence most of the time.
KBB lists the retail value as $2605 and I’m leaving all the add-ons. Because I want her to stay with the group, I’m asking for $2500 – you handle the delivery / pick-up. Here are the details of the bike. There are a couple of photos in my yahoo group folder too.

1994 VN750 (stock color)
40k miles (the last 27k have been added in the last two years)
Metzler ME800 rear tire with approx 5000 miles on it
Bridgestone Spitfire 11F front tire with a lot more miles on it, but plenty to spare
Kaw engine guard
Kuryakyn highway pegs (previously owned by Jax)
National Cycle Plexifairing III
Aftermarket grips (I don’t know the brand)
Cobra slip-on slashcut exhaust
Willie & Max saddlebags
Kaw saddlebag supports / turnsignal relocator
Kaw extended sissy bar
Highway Hawk luggage rack
MF battery
Silver Star headlight
Spare set of cables
Spare driveshaft
Spare stator cover (could be used for the TOC stator cover mod)
Original backrest frame still available
Dowco bike cover
And to top it off, it has been blessed by one of the Goddess’ ride bells.

My contact info (can also be found in the Yahoo group database):

[email protected]

Jaremy (Loose Cannon)
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