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Here is the easy plan: Contact Knifemaker on the vn750 yahoo group. Buy the ones he makes for $88, including shipping. Several of us have them, including me, and they are top notch. Stewart

(It appears Kawasaki/OEM floorboards are no longer available unless you happen to stumble upon some at a cycle shop. The OEMs are highly sought-after items, so you’d be lucky to get some. Others use the stuff thru Kuryakyn Eric Steinert/Knifemaker is in the process of making some to put up for sale. I believe he has photos on the Yahoo VN750 Group site. I purchased a dash he made, and it is great. Came with excellent instructions on not only how to install, but how to paint. He and I both have photos of our dashes.

Floorboards are really nice. Since putting the F&S on, I agree with all those that have them. They are really nice and the way to go. I tried Kuryakyn aftermarket ones for the rider position before the F&S but they just did not work out. However I put them on the back for my wife and she really likes them (the Kury's) when she rides pillion. Plus they look good. But finding the F&S boards is very hard. Kind like searching for the holy grail. Your best bet may be to get a set of Knifemakers.

I believe Kuryakyn sells several "adapter pegs" in different configurations to adapt our bike and others to their floor boards. Try this link. You can see the adapter pegs and some floorboards that may work. Haven't called them so I don't know for sure. If you call them, I'd be interested to know. Their stuff is really nice.

part number 8830 according to Kuryakyn. This is copied from Kuryakyn's search results on the adapters..... Footpeg Adapters Footpeg adapter for Vulcan 1500 A/B and Mean Streak; Vulcan 800 Classic and Custom, '03 Vulcan 750 Classic; front application (pr) $18.95
Don "Lostkiwi" VROC # 12414 GAVROC # 0114 2003 VN 750 Woodstock, GA
If you click on the floorboards you can even get to the installation instructions on a .pdf. Here is the link, just in case you'd like to look. The boards are way down on the left, the pegs are kind of in the middle:
You can't go wrong with Kuryakyn.. They make a great product.. I've got the ISO cruise pegs w/ stirups on my 1500 and they are so solid that you can stand up on them.. If the adapters work on the 750, they will make a good substitute for the Fire & Steel boards..

Just ordered Kuryakyn floor boards. Should be here Friday. Part Numbers: 7907 Floorboards ($199.95) 8830 Adapters ($18.95) Pricey maybe but cheaper than the F&S that I can't find anyway, nowhere, nohow.

No change needed in the shifter.. Heel/toe would be nice, but I have yet to find one available for our bikes.. I'm thinking about modifying one from a 1500 to fit..

Q: what is the advantage to installing floorboards over pegs? Is it comfort?, stability?, or just a preference thing?
A: Comfort, stability and just freaking great to have!!! I love them and would buy a another set on my next bike if they are not standard... One of the best mod's I've done to the beast yet!!! ===== Evan Breyn ~v~ The Bulldog

As promised here is a critique of the just installed Kuryakyn Floorboards on my '03. The install was not as easy as led to believe but straight forward.

Directions included were for passenger mount. The overall finish of the units is very good although there appears to be traces of glue between the rubber strips. (I think this can be cleaned up easy enough). As they came packaged the boards would not fit. They interfered with both the shifter and brake pedals. As the instructions showed, the actual mounting brackets can be reversed to change the position of the 'boards fore or aft. I reversed the mounts and this took care of the clearance for the most part. The shifter pedal I loosened and repositioned to provide better clearance for my left foot. The right brake pedal is still not where I want it even after adjusting it similar to the shifter. This may require more work. The 'boards themselves because of the adapters required, on first 'fitting' came loose and were totally unsat. It required me to tighten, adjust, tighten again, about a half dozen times each side to finally get then tight enough to not come loose. I have not put my full weight on them yet (I weigh 180), but did simulate standing to some extent as if I was going over a hard bump. I am not yet convinced that they will not come loose while riding. I am concerned vibration and use may work the allen screws loose just enough to cause them to come out of their current position. It would seem the mount leaves something to be desired. Overall I do like the floorboards but have concern over their staying in position and my confidence in them from a safety aspect. Kuryakyn's delivery was quick and prompt and the packaging very good. Total cost was about $230.00. For that amount I want to be 100% satisfied. I will not know for certain until I can go for a ride and check them out in actual conditions. I have a couple of ideas on how to make them more secure. The installation time was about an hour. You can see pixs at the link below. Phil (Stargazer)

As I posted a few days ago (Post # 30901) here is my final review/critique of the Kuryakyn floorboards with adapters I recently purchased and installed: The boards cleaned up real nice using Mother's mag and aluminum polish and my Dremel tool. All traces of glue is now gone and they do sparkle. I used LockTite extra strength on all the bolts/Allen screws and after it had time to cure gave 'em a try. Jumped on 'em a little and put my weight on them. They seem to hold just fine. Did not have any welding done to them as I mentioned in another post. The boards seem to sit a little higher than the OEM foot pegs and there is a slight difference in riding position with the legs but I expected this. With the ProTac backrest I really do feel like I'm going down the rode in a barco lounger. <LOL> The units fold up very nicely and after adjustment of the shifter and brake pedals including adjusting the rear brake settings, all seems in order with pedals, foot levers, etc. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rank them a 9. I really wanted the F&S floorboards but gave up hope of ever finding them. I am over all satisfied with the product. The finish, minus the glue I had to clean up, (I should not have had to do that) is excellent and the quality is very good. Chrome is very good top, sides and bottom. Only long term usage will really tell if they were worth the $224.00 I shelled out for them. Would I recommend them? Yes, with some reservation - you do have to tweek the installation to get them to work. They will not work straight out of the box. but then I like tweeking things, after all I am an engineer. :) Phil (Stargazer)

There has been a lot of discussion lately on Floorboards. A couple weeks ago I posted on the Kuryakyn floorboards I bought. My previous reports were favorable of them and I would recommend them. Toady was a beautiful and I finally got to go for a really good ride and put them to the test for real. Well, I must retract my good review and I guess eat some crow. I have taken them off and put my OEM footpegs back on. They work great for riding but I just could not get comfortable with them for shifting and braking. My first ride several days ago was a very short around the block type and I thought they were going to work out fine. Not so. Adjust and tweak as I did I could not find a good solution. The boards just won't work to my satisfaction. I struggled the whole ride with shifting and braking. I missed several shifts and it upset my timing and ride. I even think safety was a factor. I do think they were secure enough. As Bulldog mentioned in a post unlike the F&S boards they mount only to the clevis mounts. I guess if I can ever find F&S floorboards, I'll use those since they are designed to work with the bike. If you are looking for floorboards for the driver position, I would not use the Kuryakyn's. Use Knifemaker's...

Q: Maybe this is a dumb question, because I've never done this. But can't the shift lever be adjusted? It appears in the diagrams that the lever is mounted on a riged shaft. From the diagram it appears that you should just be able to rotate it up an inch or so.
A: I had this problem when I first bought my bike. You just need to unscrew the bolt that holds the shifter on and then pull off the shifter and then put back on a little highter or lower. WD-40 made it easier to slide off. You may want to draw a line across the shifter and bolt before removing so when you put back on you can see if it be higher or lower.

Part Number: K46000-405
Description: VN750 FLOORBOARDS

Re. MC Enterprises floorboards
may be wrong on this.. but these are not the same as the F&S > floorboards.. They may look the same, but they are clevis mounted > and the fittings are cast aluminum.. A few people I know say they do > not hold up as well.. > I can't speak from first hand knowledge.. just a word of caution > from what I have heard about MC Enterprise floorboards

The floorboards they sold for the Gold Wings (GL1000, GL1100, GL1200) were the worst of any of the manufacturers. Poor quality and poorer fit. I wouldn't buy anything of theirs.
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