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Here is the procedure to locate parts, their specific Kawasaki part numbers, and hopefully obtain the part at a discount from:

1. Go to www.buykawasaki.com

2. Click on "view parts diagrams" on the left side of the panel

3. Click the "continue" button on the vehicle information panel

4. Select Model Year for your scoot (or ALL)

5. Select CC = 750

6. Select Product Types = Vulcan Cruisers .

7. Select Marketing Names = ALL

8. Click "continue" on this "Search by Model" panel

9. Click "click here to choose" to select parts for your scoot

10. Click on "Parts Diagrams"

11. Select your model scoot, 49-state spec or California

12. Select from the component list to identify your part (meters)

13. View the parts diagrams ....When viewing the diagrams, select the 10-character part number ....with the hyphen inside it. For example, if searching "meters" ....for the speedometer & tachometer covers, the drawing shows you ....that the cover for the speedometer is 14025-1745 while the cover ....for the tachometer is 14025-1746.

14. Go to www.ronayers.com

15. Enter one of the part numbers in the "partnumbersearch" block ....and click on "go". 16. If the part number price is not displayed, you will need to ....call Ron Ayers direct at 1-800-888-3084 to obtain the part. I hope this is helpful for you. Let me know if this doesn't work. :) Lightnin'
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