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Ok... I spent the entire morning thinking of every form of torture imaginable to inflict upon the guy who dreamed up the carb/airbox arrangement on this bike:BLAM:
So I finally got the carbs out to try to remedy the flooding on the front carb and the lack of fuel on the rear carb.
As it turns out the jet for the front carb was completely unscrewed and loose in the bowl so it was holding the float down so it wouldn't seat.
The smallest jet was also plugged up in both carbs with debris and grit.
So here's what I did...
1- yanked out the airbox {12" sawzall blade works wonders:wow:},
2- plugged up all the hoses and holes,
3- pulled the spring out of the back of the gas cock so when the gas is on it's ON {the rubber seat on the vac assist valve was deteriorated and had come apart and had caused some of the blockage in the float valve}.

Sooo, now I need to know what other options there are for air filtration.
I also have lights and horn but the blinkers don't work.
And the speedo doesn't work.

Any help on any of these matters is greatly appreciated:smiley_th

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Search for "ear shave" and you'll find what ya need.

You'll need to rejet - information for that should be found in your searches.

You'll get more power but worse milage - most people run K&N pod filters. You can run a search on "pod filters" too.

Good luck! I haven't been brave enough to do an ear shave yet.

Since you modified the petcock to no longer be vacuum activated, you'll want to remember to shut off the petcock every time you stop - if a float sticks and the petcock is "ON" you'll risk gas leaking into places it aint 'sposed to go.
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