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I left the house this morning about 10:00 am headed to Huntingdon to
meet Beavis and his wife for a day of ridding. On the way up I
thinking about how much I am looking forward to meeting someone else
from our group and getting to ride in a group, all be it a small
one, for my first time.

I get to the meeting place (Wal-Mart) a little early, so I go ahead
and fuel up. IMPORTANT lesson…make sure the side stand is ALL the
way down before you get of your bike. As I started to get off the
side stand went back up and there I was with my bike just inches
from the concrete and wondering how I was going to get it back up.
Well I got my right foot back on the right peg pushed down with it
and up with my left leg and got her back up. No damage…other than
my pride. :( Fuel up and move to the parking lot to wait on Beavis
and Mrs. Beavis (Don't know of any other nickname…help me out Beavis
if I missed it). They arrive shortly and after the handshakes and
hellos we look at each other bikes. He lets me hear his that is
degoated and then listens to mine with the goat. Didn't seem to be
much difference idling or at low RPM's but the difference would come
out later. It's 11:00, they fuel up and after a decision of BBQ for
lunch we are of to Paris.

We head up HWY 77, a nice little two lane "secondary" highway.
Beautiful scenery along the way and then a little ways into the this
leg Mrs. Beavis pulls ahead, we would find out later she wasn't
happy with Beavis' pace…she was ready for lunch…lol. Here is when I
notice the difference the degoats make, when Beavis would really
role back on the throttle, it sounded awesome.

We get to Paris a little after 12:00 and stop at the BBQ place
(sorry forgot the name). Beavis and Mrs. Beavis order a BBQ
sandwich and fries, I get the BBQ plate. As I sit there with a
plate that has half a hog on it PLUS beans, potato salad and cole
slaw. As I sit there and have to hang my head because I eat all,
THEN I am told that is why they get a sandwich instead of the plate…
lol. Many topics were discussed, our first experiences on bikes,
plans for KY lake and more. Before we leave we make a little
comparison of the old (her `85, middle (his `97) and new (my '04)
Vulcans. Also noted was accessories or lack of and mods and lack
of. And after we changed the seat bad from Mrs. Beavis' bike to
Beavis', she didn't like it, we were off again.

Going down HWY 79 towards Paris Landing. Hwy 79 is a 4-Lane, grass
median highway with a speed limit of 65 mph, so this was our chance
to open things up some. Cruising along I was thinking how nice this
ride was and that I was with friends instead of alone. We crossed
Kentucky Lake (yes, the same one we will be at in a few weeks, just
a few miles back up river from there) and I look over the water. It
looked very tempting, but I figure I will wait until the midnight
skinny dipping with Rita…but that will be another post…lol. Shortly
after we cross the lake we turn right and head south down HWY 232.

Highway 232 is highway made for motorcycle riding. Secondary two
lane highway with plenty of twisties! :) You would no sooner start
to straighten up from a left turn before you would start leaning
into a right turn, then left, then right again. This highway was
either laid out by a motorcyclist or the just followed the path of a
drunken snake…lol. We get to McKinnon and after some map study turn
left and head west on HWY 147. After only a few more miles we stop
in Tennessee Ridge for rest break and to quench some thirst. A
little more is discussed about KY lake and the differences and
similarities of the bikes. We get ready to go and I notice a pocket
book on the window seal where we been with out drinks. I ask Mrs.
Beavis if it is hers…and it is…WHEW…a close one. But my turn for a
brain fart was about to come. We get to the intersection of HWY 49
and I signal the wrong way to go. We get stopped regroup and head
in the correct direction…lol

Highway 49 takes us to Erin where get on HWY 13 and head towards
Waverly. From Waverly we head west on HWY 70. We stop in New
Johnsonville for fuel and some more rest. Beavis and Mrs. Beavis
get ice cream, I decided to with Gatorade instead of Dr. Pepper this
time. We sit and talk more, this time about family and jobs. I am
going to have to break off before we return to our starting point.
So we say our good-byes. All seem happy to have met and rode
together. Loose plans are made to do it again, maybe closer to my
neck of the woods next time.

We head back out west on HWY 70 as we get to Camden I turn south on
HWY 641 and wave by to Beavis and Mrs. Beavis. As I am headed back
home I think how much I enjoyed the day. A good ride, meeting fellow
group members, making new friends. Doesn't' get much better than

P.S. Beavis, please add to and/or correct anything you want to in
this report.

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beadhoer said:
Sounds like we have a swimming date. :)
Oh boy, oh boy,oh boy,oh boy a date with Rita! :D Can we head on to KY lake now? ;)

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found you a woman allready, see I knew it would work out for ya LOL.....

:) beavis :) :D
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