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Fairing Question

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I recently purchased a 2005 VN750 - for a lot of reasons it is the best bike I've come across. I am using it for both commuting to work and pleasure riding.

I have been looking to find the Kaw Touring Package -- especially the fairing and lowers. I know they are not available from Kaw any more (not sure why) but other than eBay, has anyone found a source for these? Also, would it fit a newer VN750 since the bike is relatively unchanged over the recent years?
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You may have just missed it. One of the guys in Florida was selling his fairings and lowers
Check the members list for Comet and send him an email.. Worth a shot.
It took me over a year to piece together the tour package parts from eBay sales. And I do like the extra staorage and protection that comes with the fairing. Good luck. they are out there, you just have to be patient.
If they have to be shipped it runs a bit more since they are what is called oversized packages. It ran a little over $80 to ship mine from Oregon to Arkansas by UPS ground.
Thank you, Dianna! I will see what Comet has to say ... and settle in for the long haul on eBay!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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