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Can any one tell me how complicated it would be to extend the front forks on a vn700?

I know that with the internals, seals, springs, etc., it's gotta be more than just clamping up a couple of 6" overs and calling it a day. Looking in the manual regarding spring replacement looks almost more than I'm comfortable trusting my meager skills to.

Not knowing how the springs seat, I'm not even sue it's feasable.

I need to replace the seals, and the guy who did the initial inspection after I bought it used said that that would be the time to do the forks, but it turns out he's not really familiar with the vulcan.

THe brake lines look fairly "generic" at the banjo fittings, and with the dual caliper manifold, it shouldnt be too hard to get brake lines. I just don't know about the forks.

Any ideas?


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