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So, a fellow rider died on Thursday, Darin Slack (27), as a result of a work related accident. We had his funeral today, they packed the local gym, had his Harley next to his casket, and his leather vest drooped over the casket. We had over 150 bikes following the white hirsch (did i spell that right), anyway we followed it for 40 miles from the highschool to to the funeral home where he was to be cremated.
Once we got to the funeral home, we had all the bikes grouped in the lot, Darin's fiancee, gave the signal, and we all REVVED our engines loud and let them ring for Darin!! It was a great sight...

What wasn't a great sight was oil coming out of a rubber tube/hose in the front of my bike!!! Not much oil, I'd say a few ounces. The bike was hot, no doubt. The oil stopped and i let the bike cool down for a bit.

Fellow riders say its an excess tube/overflow tube for when compression gets too high and it vents out some oil, i think that's how one guy explained it.

Does anyone here know anything about this?? Should i be concerned?? The bike rode home just fine.

Also a side not on the funeral, Darin's brother rode and lead the pack on Darin's bike.. that's gotta be rough...

Thanks guys....

Darin Slack - 1983-2011 Ride On Ride Free.

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There is a vent hose there, could have been from reving in neutral creating lower crank case pressure.
I would watch it but not worry about it.

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Always sorry to hear of a young person passing before their time.
It is good that so many riders accompanied him on his last journey in the hearse.
We had over 150 bikes following the white hirsch (did i spell that right)

(I`m not intending to be funny on a thread about a funeral. It is just that Hirsch is the root of my surname, and I know something about it.)

I can`t offer any opinion on the vent hose and oil, but a *hirsch* is a German and Yiddish word for deer.
Commonly a red deer that weighs about #600, and is more like our elk.
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