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I recently rode on the interstate, maintaining 80+ mph.
It was about 70 degrees late in the day.
My temp gauge seemed higher than normal.
Normal riding, I'm usually on the low side of the little picture, sometimes not even touching it.
On the interstate, I was on the high side of the little picture.
Nothing concerning by itself, but I'm wondering why it's higher.
I suspect I'm on the edge of too much ignition timing and that's causing extra heat in the engine.
Other than the higher coolant temps, I haven't noticed any other issues.

Do others notice elevated temperatures during higher speed riding?
Is that normal and I've just never noticed before?

For some additional info, I'm running aftermarket ignition and I've added a live data readback.
The ignition is running about 2 degrees advanced from stock at that RPM and throttle position.
I have a datalog from that particular trip, though it doesn't log engine temperature.
It does show speed, RPM, ignition timing, engine vacuum and ambient temperature, if that's useful to answer this question.
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