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I just want to remind everyone, especially newbies, that when you're troubleshooting a problem, start with the most simple possible thing and work your way in to the more difficult. So many times over the years I've seen and read and experienced where we assume something is broken, something difficult or expensive, without eliminating all of the obvious possibilities first.

That's why you'll see where one of us old folks will ask what might seem like a stupid question like "are you sure your kill switch is in the on position" or "is your petcock turned on".

The other day on my job (sys admin) one of the managers told me that every since we upgraded his Microsoft Office, his cell phone/palm pilot hasn't been able to sync to his outlook on his computer. So I go over there and spend 30 minutes looking at settings and trying to sync his pda and it doesn't even act like it's connected to the computer. I checked the usb plug and it was plugged into the computer. So, I finally looked at the cradle. My old cradle had a wire coming out of it that plugged into the computer. His had a wire with a plug on both ends, one for the cradle and the other for the computer and sure enough it wasn't plugged into the cradle good. I wasted 30 minutes on it where it should have been the first thing I looked at.

Just try to keep telling yourself to start with the simple things.
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