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Thanks for the heads-up, I won't have to be careful with them since I won't be using them at all.

It really bugs me to see a seller with high numbers treating buyers this way. Looking at the feedback, they might be getting ready for a name change or leave Ebay permanently.

If I were you, I'd take this as far as I could and use every step available through Ebay to make the seller miserable. Who knows, you might even get results.

I noticed they have a muffler priced at $950!?! Also saw a nice 5 3/4" tri-bar light, but priced at $350?!! It was incandescent, not even a halogen for that price.

I've done 31 deals and only got burned once for a few bucks. Seller sold me some dead computer parts. His account is closed now. After that, I try to dig as deep into their feedback as I can before bidding.
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