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I just finished the ear shave (just waiting on oil for the uni filters).

You can get all the parts needed from this website: http://www.actionmotorsportswy.com

they are a local store here in Gillette, WY but ship. very good dealing with them and they are respectable people. Good email communication and I had good experience with them.

Here are the part numbers:
EMGO Crank case breathers 14-20900


KEIHIN 22 SERIES PILOT JETS - Jet Size 40 144-2240

140 Main jets KJ140 p/n#1006-0154

Action motorsports also has the needle shims as well, but I couldn't find them on the website, but I emailed them and they added them to the order. A little pricey on the shims at $2.22 each...motorcyclecarbs.com also has ALL the parts you will need.
the rest of the parts you can get at NAPA or other hardware store :
1' length of 5/16" fuel hose, and the 2" length of 3/8" fuel hose and clamps for the hoses.

I believe that should help people who are looking at the ear shave.
Just be sure to line up the projections on the carb boots with the cylinder heads.. it save LOTS of headaches and time. Leave the boot on the front cylinder and the rear boot on the carburetor..

I think that covers everything, right Ron (lance328) and Cindy (Crobins365)?
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