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I found the instructions to put on Dynas on this site and thought I would add a little to the excellent instructions...

I have been de-goated for a year, and I loved the stock pipes on my bike....the only reason I am swapping to Dynas is because my right pipe rusted on a hidden weld. When I took them off to de-goat, the weld was 1/2 way gone. I put some JB weld on it and rode it all last summer, but it finally broke all the way through.
If this didn't happen I personally would have left it alone. So to save $$ I found a brand new set of Dynas for 10$ on Ebay and here I am. Dyna pipes are a much higher quality pipe than our stock pipes (IMHO), Heavy guage steel, beautifully chromed and put together very well.
I just made a cardboard template for the muffler hangar needed to mount them and I am going to ask my Technology Department if they can make the parts for me as we have a kick ass set up at my school (I am a biology teacher).
If you would like a copy of the template I made (so you do not have to remove your pipes first) I would be happy to send it to you. Just E-mail me. [email protected] Also, in the instructions, it says to cut the flex pipe to fit it on the muffler.....I do not want to cut that weak stuff and have it rattle apart so I went to Advance Auto parts (national chain) and purchased a 1 7/8 inch ID pipe about 5 inches long ($2.00). It slips over the Dyna and over the flex tube, a little chickenshit for a gasket (high temp silicone or muffler bandage) and you are done! I put the pipes on today to see how it sounds...do yourself a favor and start her up with no mufflers on... she sounds really mean!
Anyway, the dynas look and sound great......but I still wish I had the old slash-cut pipes on there. But thats just my opinion.
Good luck!
PS- I have a used left hand stock pipe if anyone needs it.
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