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[copied from the Yahoo forum]

Yes, I rode the dragon! I will state that, by no means, did I slay
the dragon. One need not attack such a wonder to appreciate its
value. I will be happy with the title "Dragon Rider" instead of
We began our day at Tellico Plains, TN. I met some great SEVROC
riders. I wish I were better with names, but I will not do them any
injustice by trying to recite the list. I will just say that I would
be happy to ride with any one of them again. One rider even had his
pet-taxi strapped to the passenger seat and his dog was riding
pillion inside.
Jax did a great job of leading the pack of about a dozen or so 1500-
1600 Vulcans. I was the only 750 rider and there was a very nice 800
right behind me most of the way.
We followed Jax through the Skyway over to Kickstand Lodge. Fred and
Mo are among the finest hosts I have met. I pulled onto the grass
thinking to myself that I had forgotten to pack my Kaw-Paddy and
hoped the grass would hold up. Much to my surprise, Fred greeted us
with a complimentary wooden kickstand plate. As each person pulled
in, he would toss this 4"x4" wooden coaster to the ground at just
about exactly where your kickstand goes. I looked down and smiled -
this is a good place to return to in the future.
After we all dismounted and talked to the other VROCers who were
there ahead of us, Fred and Mo served up some complimentary hot dogs,
chili (which rivals my own, I might add), and other goodies. After
about an hour or so of rest, we mounted up to hit the Dragon.
Once again, Jax did a perfect job of leading us first-timers
through. His pace was exactly the speed I was comfortable with and I
felt completely at ease following through the best twisties I have
ever seen. Other members of the group set out on their own and we
saw them coming and going along the way. Sadly, one member of our
group, whose name also eludes me, took a bit of a spill when he
overcorrected a peg-scraping curve. I did not see the actual
incident as I was entering the curve just as he fell. Jax said that
the overcorrection caused him to high-side into the ditch. Luckily,
he was just a little shook-up, but fine. The fall could have been
worse, had he been on the other side of the road where there is no
ditch, just a drop-off. His Vulcan had some cosmetic wounds
including the left side mirror and rear turn signal. He was still
able to ride it after we re-adjusted the levers. He joked about
needing to make three right-turns instead of single left turns, and
shook off his first spill pretty well. It seemed that the news of
our fallen friend was felt by all, because it took no time at all for
the scattered Vulcans to converge on our site to make sure all was
well. A great bunch, indeed.
I read about the Tail prior to my trip and was, admittedly, nervous
about the semis and riders/drivers stealing the wrong lanes, but I am
happy to report that I did not see any of that this weekend; with the
exception of one person passing our group.
After emerging from the Dragon, I was shocked to find that, though
the twisties didn't come close to throwing me, a local gravel
driveway did its best to make up for it. As we peaked over a hill
that had a slight curve to it, facing the sun, we had no way of
seeing this pile of bike-eating rubble until we were sliding through
it. Jax hit it first and I was right behind him. If the width of
the pile of rocks had been even 6" wider, I think I would have
fallen. Curt spotted my slip and did better to avoid it than I had.
From there, I decided to ride single-file near the center stripe, in
case anyone else's driveway was overflowing.
We stopped at 411 and said our goodbyes.
I had another 150 miles to go and got home around 9:00 that night.
After such a vigorous ride, I was completely exhausted and fell
asleep nearly as soon as I got home. I delayed long enough to take
my boots off and notify Jax and Mokiman that I made it home.
If you are in the neighborhood some day (or even if you need an
excuse to come to the neighborhood!) go ride the Dragon!

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> I posted a pic of Jaremy and Mokiman and Kathy taken at Deals Gap
> Saturday. It's in Jeremy's folder here on the [yahoo] group site.
> Jax

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Cewl. Great report. I will definetly have to do this before I die.
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