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Don't Use Dexcool, Here's Why

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This pic is just before flushing the cooling system for the second time. I had already removed a tablespoon of red muck, and that was after the first flush.

....well I guess I'll wait until I can post pics again. The buttons just aren't there.

Looks like Mods can edit the Vulcan Verses, so I'm asking someone to edit the thread recommending Dexcool to use in our bikes.

It turns to red mud in your cooling system.

"In 2003, GM owners filed a series of class action lawsuits against the car manufacturer. Approval of the GM Dex-Cool settlement was given in October 2008. GM received over 68,000 claims and paid $6.1 million to settle about 40,000 of the claims..."

Prestone also made a settlement.
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Find a way to get rid of the deathcool, I kept a gallon around and it ended up in a vehicle.

I researched quite a bit but don't recall the reactions and chemistry involved. I just know it's not for cooling systems. It might make good ballast for tractor tires, but there are cheaper liquids.

My last three vehicles purchased came with Dexcool and mud. I do recall picking the last vehicle up and the seller put green antifreeze in it before I left. There's a theory that mixing it causes the mud, but I think it occurs anyway.. Another theory blames exposure to air, but there's always air in the overflow bottles.

This truck has been the worst I've seen, so much mud in two flushes. It couldn't have lasted much longer, but looks like new now.
Time to change the Coolant in the Vulcan since its over 20 years old. I started it up here and there let it run for 30 mins but it didn't overheat. Im just going to change the coolant because it has little particles in reservoir. I just want to know to myself that Im safe, that will cause one less of an issue for the cooling system. Some say use Dexcool but I use Prestone in all my vehicles except the audi. Its picky. Anyone have an idea on what to use on our 89' Vulcan 750? Thanks!
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