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99 VN750

FK anything about the tux mod unless you are a metal fab specialist.

The lower engine is jacked up,. the flywheel locked up on me with the gaping tuxedo modification hole where my grinder raped the engine. it doesnt run and the afreeze line is trashed before i got it. some idiot let it set up 10yrs with rusty water.

I swapped many parts but you could build about 90% of a bike from the parts left. i have new unopened gaskets from KAWA and just parts everywhere i am sick of looking at and i am a renter.

pics and ebay link coming soon.

this will be a local pick up only. $500. re-sellers could strip it down and make 4 times that in profit i just do not have the time or space.

for those of you who want to rebuild the engine from the ground up i have a clear texas title.
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